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May 18th, 2010 | by author |

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With all the hoo-ha over web 2.0 you may be thinking how you can use it. How can you pull ahead from Social Media. It’s OK having hundred’s or thousands of twitter followers or facebook fans, but what next.

While some web sites can find a way to profit through followers or fans, it’s not the case for everyone. I know, my online tour business, a website about Cairns Great Barrier Reef and Cairns Holidays finds it almost impossible to invoke followers. While my bricks and mortar business, a drive in cinema in Cairns attracts followers all too easily.

Both business have the usual twitter and facebook pages. However I have worked out it’s much more profitable to have friends than fans. A business page inside facebook is set up for the user to interact with the business page. A user page allows you much more interaction with other users. Setting up is simple, just set up the account as if it is a real human being, not a business.

This allows you to invokeĀ friends rather than fans. There may be a bit of fiddling around to get a name variation that fits within the facebook guidelines, however it isn’t too hard. The main reward of a business pretending to be human is that this then allows you to get your message across to all your fans a lot more thoroughly. Your status update is posted to every one of your friends walls. Spreading whatever message you wish to share. You can add photo’s, videos and links to your post. I repeat, YOUIR MESSAGE IS POSTED TO ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS WALLS!

Now I don’t know about you, but to me this is better than a traditional email marketing drive. With email marketing you run the gauntlet of spam filters. A facebook status update does not. I know there is an option to HIDE your posts, but emails can be deleted unopened as well.

Common sense and restraint should see your posts read by a large percentage of your friends network.

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